About Me

Meet Mandi

Your Brisbane Marriage Celebrant


About Me

Meet Mandi Forrester-Jones

Your Brisbane Marriage Celebrant


Marriage Celebrant Mandi Forrester-Jones

I’m originally from the UK, I proudly called New Zealand home for eight wonderful years – during which my love for the All Blacks just kept getting stronger!

Eventually, my journey led me to Australia where I met and married my husband and became an Australian citizen, enjoying living in this amazing country.

Even though I’ve got my Aussie citizenship, my British roots are still very evident, through my ever present cup of tea and often noted in my accent, that I am proud of though I playfully insist, “What accent?”

My journey as a celebrant began in 2006, and since then, I’ve been privileged to officiate at over 500 weddings (but who’s keeping track?), serve as the master of ceremonies at numerous events, and warmly welcome around 200 bundles of joy at naming ceremonies.

Beyond my role as a marriage celebrant, I love my day job as a travel agent, indulging my passion for exploring new destinations and helping others enjoy their trips. I’m a huge sports fan, especially when it comes to cheering for the All Blacks. I just love the vibe and camaraderie that comes with rooting for my favorite teams. Outside these pursuits, my heart finds real enjoyment in the company of cherished friends and family, weaving together a life enriched by diverse experiences.

The fact that I also run a travel company specialising in romance travel and destination weddings means I am really in love with others being in love, being part of that day and all the fun that goes with that.

I celebrate diversity and enjoy multicultural and ceremonies of all kinds. I also help celebrate other events, such as naming ceremonies, renewal of vows, commitment ceremonies and all of life’s celebrations.

What do I enjoy about being a celebrant? The enjoyment, the celebration, and that pure joy at the moment when you change peoples’ lives irrevocably! The kiss!

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