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Elopement Package

The Elopment package is the ideal choice for couples seeking a straightforward and legally binding ceremony, an intimate affair with just you, your beloved, and a maximum of four witnesses (a total of six people). This all-inclusive package comprises:

Wedding Ceremony: A personalised and heartfelt ceremony that captures the essence of your love in a simple yet profound celebration.

Preparation and Lodgement of Paperwork: I  take care of the administrative details, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is meticulously prepared and submitted, making the legal aspect of your elopement a seamless process.

Professionally Printed Marriage Certificate: A tangible memento of your special day, our professionally printed marriage certificate serves as a lasting symbol of your commitment, beautifully encapsulating the moment you officially became partners for life.

Choosing the Elopement Package allows you to focus solely on the intimate experience of joining your lives together. With attention to detail and a commitment to simplicity, I ensure that your elopement is a stress-free and meaningful occasion, surrounded only by those closest to your hearts. Whether it’s an escape to a scenic destination or an intimate ceremony close to home, this package is designed to cater to your desires for a private and memorable union. Let me handle the logistics while you revel in the beauty of a moment that marks the beginning of your lifelong journey together.



married by mandi brisbane marriage celebrant
Brisbane marriage celebrant Mandi Forrester-Jones

Wedding Package

This bespoke package is meticulously crafted to provide you with a beautifully written and customised ceremony, ensuring that your special day reflects the uniqueness of our journey together. Here’s a glimpse of what this comprehensive package includes:

Personally Designed Ceremony: A ceremony that is a true reflection of your love story. Every word and detail are customised to create a meaningful and unforgettable experience.

Modern PA System: Ensure that your vows are heard with crystal clarity. My modern PA system delivers impeccable sound quality, ensuring that every word resonates.

Rehearsal if Required: Perfect your walk down the aisle and the exchange of vows with an optional rehearsal. This ensures that every moment unfolds seamlessly on your special day.

Travel Costs Within Agreed Area: Enjoy the convenience of included travel costs within the agreed-upon area, allowing us to focus on the joy of your celebration without logistical concerns.

Preparation and Lodgement of Paperwork: Let me take care of the paperwork, ensuring that all necessary documentation is meticulously prepared and submitted. This guarantees a smooth and hassle-free legal process.

Printed Marriage Certificate & Copy of the Ceremony: Cherish the memories with a professionally printed marriage certificate and a copy of the ceremony. These serve as tangible reminders of the day your journey as a married couple officially began.

The Wedding Package is designed to transform your vision into a reality. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to creating an unforgettable ceremony, I ensure that your wedding day is a celebration of love, surrounded by special touches that make it uniquely yours.



Second time around?

Second marriages can be really beautiful – because you have been given a second chance. With the benefit of maturity, you are more aware of who you are, what you need from a relationship. You are hopefully a little wiser and rational, and understanding of what we need from our partners and what we need to give in return. Sure, love is a wonderful thing. But often it can be better when it’s the second time around. That knowledge can be a powerful thing!

Read more about second marriages >>

Mandi Forrester-Jones and her husband Greg

Marriage Celebrant Packages

Elopement package

The perfect option for those wanting a legal and basic elopement ceremony. Just you and your loved one for a maximum of 4 witnesses (6 people in total).


  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Preparation and lodgement of paperwork
  • Professionally printed Marriage Certificate


Wedding package

A personally designed, beautifully written and customised ceremony.


  • Use of modern PA system
  • Use of signing table, chairs and decorative pen
  • Rehearsal if required
  • Travel costs within agreed area
  • Preparation and lodgement of paperwork
  • Printed Marriage Certificate & copy of your ceremony


Full event planning service

With over 35 years experience in planning events, along with my network of trusted suppliers, I can assist you in curating and creating your wedding or event.

From supplier information, booking services and vendor liaison, on-the-day management right through to organising your honeymoon, I help you plan and coordinate every detail.


More than a marriage celebrant

I love being part of other special life events. Aside from enjoying more than 16 years as a Brisbane marriage celebrant, I have welcomed many babies, performed highly personalised vow renewals and assisted with full wedding and travel planning services.

Brisbane marriage celebrant Mandi Forrester-Jones officiating a wedding
Bride with bouquet
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Bride and Groom at sunset
Wedding Groomsmen
Wedding officiated by Brisbane celebrant Mandi Forrester-Jones
Wedding officiated by Brisbane celebrant Mandi Forrester-Jones


married by mandi

Bridal bouquet

“Thankyou so much for a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful day. I could not have chosen anyone better than you to renew our vows with.” Julie & Shaun Pardon – Renewal of Vows 

Bride and Groom

“You made our day perfect, lighthearted and loving. Enjoyed every moment.” Megz & Ash – Wedding

Bride with orchid bouquet

“Thank you so much for making sure our wedding day went smoothly and for presenting such a beautiful ceremony for everybody. We are so happy we chose you to marry us.” Emma & Mick – Wedding

Bridal table decoration

“The whole thing was done very professionally and you certainly made us feel that it was as important to you as it was to us. Thanks very much.” Graham & Wilhelmina Brook – 25th Wedding Anniversay Renewal of Vows

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