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Hey, everyone! I’m Mandi Forrester-Jones, a Brisbane marriage celebrant with many years of experience in creating personalised wedding ceremonies. I’m known for my fun, light-hearted, and engaging approach to weddings, and I’m passionate about helping couples create their dream ceremony. I can travel to you!

I am fascinated by weddings and the magic of love that surrounds them. After working as a wedding planner for several years, I realized that my true passion was in creating meaningful ceremonies that reflect the couple’s personalities and values.

But don’t worry, my ceremonies are never stuffy or boring! I love to infuse humour, laughter, and fun into each ceremony, making it engaging and enjoyable for everyone. My goal is to put you and your guests at ease, ensuring that everyone feels a part of the celebration.

I believe that every couple is special and that their wedding ceremony should reflect their uniqueness. That’s why I take the time to get to know each couple, their love story, and their vision for their ceremony. I work closely with them to create a ceremony that is tailored to their personalities, beliefs, and values.

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Hi! I’m Mandi

I’m originally from the UK, lived in NZ for 8 years (and still a huge All Blacks fan!) before coming over and finally, becoming an Australian citizen. I’m still very British though, people say my accent belies my origins. I say “What accent?”

I officiated at my first wedding in 2006 and since then, have been a celebrant at over 500 or so weddings (who’s counting?) been the MC at many events, and have welcomed about 200 babies at naming ceremonies.

Outside of being a Brisbane marriage celebrant, I enjoy travelling (and I am also a travel agent), watching sports (especially as I am a die-hard All-Blacks fan) and spending time with friends and family.

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I’m Mandi, a Brisbane marriage celebrant passionate about creating personalised, light-hearted, and engaging wedding ceremonies.

If you’re looking for a marriage celebrant who will work closely with you to create a ceremony that reflects your uniqueness and personality, look no further!

It's Never Too Early To Start Planning!

BRISBANE Marriage Celebrant Packages

Elopement package

The perfect option for those wanting a legal and basic elopement ceremony. Just you and your loved one for a maximum of 4 witnesses (6 people in total).


  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Preparation and lodgement of paperwork
  • Professionally printed Marriage Certificate


Wedding package

A personally designed, beautifully written and customised ceremony.


  • Use of modern PA system
  • Use of signing table, chairs and decorative pen
  • Rehearsal if required
  • Travel costs within agreed area
  • Preparation and lodgement of paperwork
  • Printed Marriage Certificate & copy of your ceremony


Full event planning service

With over 35 years experience in planning events, along with my network of trusted suppliers, I can assist you in curating and creating your wedding or event.

From supplier information, booking services and vendor liaison, on-the-day management right through to organising your honeymoon, I help you plan and coordinate every detail.


Other special life events

I have had the immense pleasure of officiating baby namings, a tender celebration of new life and the beginning of a beautiful journey. Vow renewals, a testament to enduring love, hold a special place in my heart as couples rekindle their commitment surrounded by the warmth of their shared history. Furthermore, commitment ceremonies, a celebration of love without legal bindings, allow couples to publicly declare their devotion.

These diverse ceremonies embody the richness of human connection, and it is my honor to contribute to these significant moments, ensuring they are marked with the same passion, care, and personalised touch that defines my approach as a celebrant.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

As a celebrant, I take great pleasure in conducting baby naming ceremonies – a truly heartwarming and significant occasion. Welcoming a new addition to the family is a joyous event, and I consider it a privilege to be part of these meaningful celebrations.

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In crafting baby naming ceremonies, my focus is on creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere that acknowledges the uniqueness of the child and the love that surrounds them. These ceremonies go beyond the ordinary, allowing families to express their values, hopes, and dreams for their newest member.

My approach to baby naming ceremonies is personal and collaborative. Before the ceremony, I engage with parents to understand their vision, incorporating elements that reflect their beliefs and aspirations for their child. Whether it's a traditional ritual, a heartfelt reading, or a symbolic gesture, each ceremony is tailored to mirror the family's essence.

During the ceremony, I guide families through a heartfelt journey, celebrating the child's name and significance within the family unit. It's a moment of profound connection, where love and joy intertwine with tradition and the promise of a bright future.

Recognizing the diversity of family dynamics, my services are inclusive of various cultural and spiritual backgrounds. From secular to spiritual, I work collaboratively with families to ensure the ceremony aligns with their beliefs and preferences.

Beyond the ceremonial aspect, I take care of all logistical details, allowing families to fully immerse themselves in the joy of the occasion. From coordinating the venue to creating personalised certificates, I aim to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Ultimately, a baby naming ceremony is not just an event; it's a cherished milestone that marks the beginning of a child's journey in the embrace of love and community. As a celebrant, I am honoured to be part of these significant moments, weaving together a tapestry of memories that families will cherish for a lifetime.

Vow Renewals

As a celebrant, guiding couples through vow renewal ceremonies holds a special place in my heart – a meaningful and intimate occasion that reaffirms the enduring commitment between partners. It's a privilege to contribute to these ceremonies, where love is celebrated anew.

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In the realm of vow renewals, my focus is on creating a heartfelt and personal experience that reflects the unique journey each couple has shared. These ceremonies provide an opportunity to revisit the promises made, celebrate the triumphs, and reaffirm the love that has deepened over time.

Approaching vow renewals with a personal and collaborative spirit, I engage with couples to understand their vision for the ceremony. Whether it's incorporating original vows, symbolic rituals, or special readings, each ceremony is tailored to encapsulate the essence of their enduring love.

During the ceremony, I guide couples through a poignant journey, allowing them to express their feelings and commitment in front of loved ones. It's a moment of profound connection, where the years of shared experiences and unwavering support are acknowledged and celebrated.

Acknowledging the diversity of relationships, my vow renewal services are inclusive of various styles and preferences. From traditional ceremonies to creative and unconventional expressions of love, I work closely with couples to ensure their ceremony is a genuine reflection of their unique bond.

Beyond the ceremonial aspects, I take care of all logistical details, allowing couples to fully immerse themselves in the joy of the occasion. From venue coordination to crafting personalized certificates, my aim is to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

In the end, a vow renewal ceremony is more than a symbolic gesture; it's a reaffirmation of love, commitment, and the journey shared. As a celebrant, I am honoured to be part of these significant moments, helping couples create a heartfelt celebration that resonates with the depth of their enduring bond.

Commitment Ceremonies

Guiding couples through commitment ceremonies is a deeply meaningful aspect of my role as a celebrant – a celebration of love and dedication that transcends traditional boundaries. It's a privilege to be part of these ceremonies, where couples affirm their commitment to each other in a unique and personal way.

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For commitment ceremonies, my focus is on creating a ceremony that authentically represents the couple's bond. These ceremonies provide an opportunity for couples to express their love and dedication publicly, regardless of legal formalities.

Approaching commitment ceremonies with a personal and collaborative spirit, I engage with couples to understand their vision for the ceremony. Whether it involves incorporating personal vows, symbolic rituals, or unique elements that define their relationship, each ceremony is crafted to capture the essence of their commitment.

During the ceremony, I guide couples through a heartfelt journey, allowing them to articulate their feelings and commitment surrounded by their loved ones. It's a moment of deep connection, where the couple's shared journey and unwavering commitment to each other are acknowledged and celebrated.

Recognising the diverse nature of relationships, my commitment ceremony services are inclusive and tailored to reflect the couple's preferences and values. From secular to spiritual, from traditional to unconventional, I collaborate closely with couples to ensure their ceremony is an authentic representation of their unique bond.

Beyond the ceremonial aspects, I manage all logistical details, ensuring couples can fully immerse themselves in the joy of the occasion. From coordinating the venue to providing personalised certificates, my goal is to make the process as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

In essence, a commitment ceremony is a celebration of love and dedication, and as a celebrant, I am honoured to be part of these significant moments. I am dedicated to helping couples create a heartfelt and memorable celebration that resonates with the depth of their commitment to each other.

The Dragonfly has been a symbol of happiness, new beginnings and change for many centuries.
The Dragonfly means hope, change and love.


Marriage Celebrant Inspiration

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Brisbane marriage celebrant Mandi Forrester-Jones
Brisbane marriage celebrant Mandi Forrester-Jones
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Happily married bY MANDI

Brisbane wedding celebrant Mandi Forrester-Jones

“When we were looking for a marriage celebrant, we knew we needed the right fit for us. After doing the normal research and recommendations, we still weren’t sure until we went to a friends wedding in Queensland and Mandi was the celebrant. We instantly knew she was the right person for us.

Our wedding was in Melbourne and that wasn’t an issue for Mandi, nor was anything else. Mandi not only helped us with our wedding vows around our needs with many suggestions and ideas, but also helped with the whole wedding, navigating weather issues, organising family and friends and ensuring our wedding was everything we wanted. Mandi went beyond just being a marriage celebrant to being a part of our wedding and we don’t know what we would have done without her.

Mandi is not only an expert in her industry, but so professional and with an easy going personality. We would recommend Mandi highly for your wedding.” Carole and David

Brisbane wedding celebrant Mandi Forrester-Jones

“Thank you so much for all you did for us to help make our day as special as possible. We loved every bit of it.” Sharna, Jacob and baby Noah – Wedding & baby naming

Bride with bouquet

“Very professional! We are so honoured that we had you as our celebrant. You gave us the courage and reassurance that was needed. We felt comfortable with all your help and advice, wouldn’t ask for anything more! We have already recommended you to others!” – Sharna and David Davis

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s get started!


What does a Brisbane marriage celebrant do?

First and foremost your celebrant must live up to and maintain the standards set by the
Attorney Generals Department. This includes maintaining high moral conduct, sound ethics and complete professionalism.

To have a civil ceremony, you need a civil marriage celebrant. Your celebrant is without doubt one of the most important investments you will make to ensure you both remember lovingly and forever, the beautiful act of being married to each other.

What are marriage celebrant qualifications?

Becoming a marriage celebrant takes time and money. Prior to becoming a celebrant, a Certificate IV in Celebrancy must be successfully completed and passed. The course ranges in price between $1000-$2000.

Once the course has been completed and passed, celebrants must apply to the Commonwealth Attorney General to legally become a celebrant. The application fee is $600.

A celebrant may only advertise their services as a marriage celebrant, accept a Notice of intended marriage forms, and solemnise marriages once they are registered.

Once the celebrant’s application is successful, a celebrant is then required to pay an annual
registration charge of $240.

There are an annual requirements for celebrants to complete five hours of professional development.

This is to necessary to maintain their qualifications.

The professional development can only be delivered through four approved training organisations and costs approximately $170.

What should I look for in a Brisbane marriage celebrant?

There are so many variables on how to choose the right celebrant for your day but the most important components are:

  • Feeling a connection – meet with your intended celebrant if time permits otherwise a phone chat or
    Skype meeting is a valuable way to get to know them too
  • If you are a same sex couple, check if they are registered as a religious marriage celebrant with the Federal Attorney General? If they are, this means they have chosen not to conduct same sex marriage ceremonies
  • Do they offer unlimited communication via email and/or text?
  • Ensure you feel you are more than just a booking to them – EVERY celebrant is a professional but true passion is being chosen to be part of your day and knowing they feel the same way too
  • Does their package meet your needs – these can vary but generally all are similar
  • Choose a celebrant who only books 1 wedding per day – no couple deserves a celebrant who may run late OR is looking to rush off to another ceremony
  • Is travel included in their quoted price?
  • Is a rehearsal (of any kind) included? There are many ways a rehearsal can be achieved especially as it can be impossible to get everyone together at the same time
  • Ensure they have a professional PA system – some may also include wireless microphones
  • Do they belong to a professional celebrants association because this will mean they may be insured and have a copyright licence.
  • Ask how they will write your ceremony, if they send scripts from which to choose paragraphs, they are NOT creating a personal ceremony but just copying & pasting (meaning no originality)
  • Do they assist with your vows?
  • Will they include and/or create components you would love included in your ceremony?

It can appear tough because every celebrant is different just like the couples they marry. 

DON’T forget to lock them in because many other couples are also looking for a
celebrant too.

What are the ceremony inclusions?

Please find an extensive list of the ceremony inclusions and what is involved here.

How soon should I book a Brisbane marriage celebrant?

As soon as possible!

Your Notice of Intended Marriage must be lodged with the celebrant one month prior to your wedding. It takes time to plan an effective wedding. Your ceremony is the most significant part of your wedding day.

Book early – remember there are only 52 Saturdays at 3pm a year!

Can you travel outside Brisbane?

Yes! I may be a Brisbane marriage celebrant but I am also a travel expert and destination wedding planner. Talk to me about travel. I love it.

How will you prepare?

It takes time to collate the readings and the vows the couple have written to each other. A good celebrant will also write about the couple using knowledge, gained from the meetings they’ve had with the couple, and add that personalised touch for each ceremony that they perform. So
basically, no two ceremonies are the same.

And let’s be honest, why would you want the same ceremony as someone else? This is YOUR special day!

Why is one ceremony a day important?

You don’t deserve a Brisbane marriage celebrant who may have to rush off or be late, and therefore  not be their only priority:

  • In 2016, civil celebrants performed 90458 of the 118401 marriages that took place in
  • As of today there are 8417 civil celebrants registered in Australia to marry couples.
  • If 100000 ceremonies are performed by civil celebrants in 2024, the average number of
    ceremonies available to EVERY registered celebrant is approximately 12 weddings per celebrant per year.
  • That is why it can be so competitive amongst celebrants and why
    even the Federal Attorney-General who manages celebrants warns “many marriage celebrants perform few or no marriages each year.”
Is there a booking fee?

Yes, there is a non-refundable booking fee of $150 required to hold the date and time and confirm your ceremony. The balance of the fee is required to be paid at least one week prior to the ceremony.

Should you cancel your ceremony, part of the balance of fees paid (up to 100%) may be refunded depending on the circumstances and amount of time spent on preparation.

What paperwork do we need to complete?

The Notice of Intended Marriage must be signed in front of the Celebrant at least one month prior to your intended wedding date.
You must produce a birth certificate or extract or a valid passport plus additional photo ID such as a drivers licence.

People who have been married previously must produce either a decree absolute or a death certificate.

Two witnesses are required at the wedding ceremony and both must be over the age of 18.

Will we get a Marriage Certificate?
At the end of the wedding ceremony, the celebrant will present you with a marriage certificate.
Is there a fee for a consultation?

Not at all. The initial consultation is obligation free. It’s where you decide whether I will be a good fit for your special day.

What forms do we need to fill out?

You will need to fill out a Notice of Intended Marriage at least 1 month prior to the date of the wedding. Please complete the information on this link and use the following details to access this form:

Celebrant Number (A07208)

Celebrant Surname (Forrester-Jones)

Celebrant Email (

Is the booking/lodgement fee non-refundable?
I know it seems harsh when a wedding isn’t a cheap affair, but creating your perfect
ceremony starts from the first communication from you. Legal documents must be obtained by me and drawn up very accurately, no mistakes are allowed. The information I have to get from you must be precise and I have to make sure all legal requirements are followed.

I also have to gather personal information from you so that I can create a personalised
ceremony that will make you remember your special day forever with love & happiness.

This takes a great deal of time as many attempts are made to create this, over many days/weeks.

In the time before your ceremony I am available to help with any questions you may have and will help in any way I can with any reasonable request.

In the end though, what would your wedding ceremony be without the Celebrant being
present? A party with no formalities.

I hope this helps you to understand that if you change your mind, or your circumstances
change, where you don’t want to go ahead, I have already expended a lot of time, money and effort in your request for a ceremony.

How does your price compare to a Registry Office?

To give you a comparison. the Queensland Registry Office fees are as follows (based on July 2018 and change each year):

  • Wedding ceremonies are conducted half-hourly in their ceremony rooms which seat up to 50 guests.
  • No personalised decoration allowed.
  • Ceremonies are also standard with minimal alteration

A registry ceremony costs:
$344.00 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9.30am–4.00pm)
$588.00 (Friday, 5.30pm–8.00pm)
$444.00 (Saturday, 9.30am–4.00pm)
$588.00 (Saturday, 4.30pm–6.30pm )
includes your choice of commemorative marriage certificate package

Remember also, parking, logistics of getting people from there to reception etc, as opposed to one at a location of your choice with as many people as you want!

What are your terms and conditions?

Please find all my terms and conditions here.

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