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marriage Celebrant

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Planning your wedding with a celebrant

Embarking on the journey of planning your dream wedding is an exhilarating yet intricate task, and having a seasoned wedding planner like me side ensures that every step is not just seamless but also an unforgettable experience. 

At the heart of my wedding planning service is the fusion of expertise as a marriage celebrant, event planner and a travel agent! This unique combination sets the stage for a one-of-a-kind celebration that goes beyond the ceremony, encompassing every facet of your wedding journey.

Streamlined planning process

Picture this: One person seamlessly coordinating both your wedding ceremony and travel arrangements. With my dual role, the planning process becomes a streamlined, cohesive experience. No need to juggle between different professionals; I bring it all together under one expertly managed umbrella. My extensive travel expertise not only ensures a flawless wedding but also opens doors to cost savings. As a wedding planner with travel know-how, I can secure exclusive deals, negotiate discounts, and optimise your budget without compromising on the elegance of your celebration.

Stress reduction: let me handle the logistics

Planning a wedding involves countless details, from accommodations to transportation. I can take the reins and manage logistics to alleviate your stress. Your focus can remain on the joy of the moment.

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Personalisation beyond the ceremony

My commitment to personalisation extends beyond the ceremony itself. I can craft a tailored travel experience for your guests, ensuring they have a unique and memorable time. With insider knowledge about your destination, I can add an extra layer of personal touch to enhance your overall wedding experience.

Backup plans for a flawless day

No celebration is immune to unforeseen circumstances. My experience as a seasoned planner allows me to anticipate and mitigate travel-related issues, ensuring a smooth wedding day even in the face of unexpected challenges. Your special day remains as magical as envisioned, regardless of any hiccups.

Post-wedding bliss: honeymoon planning

The celebration doesn’t end with the wedding day; it extends into the enchanting realm of the honeymoon. As your wedding planner and travel expert, I can seamlessly transition into the role of crafting your post-wedding getaway. Whether it’s a relaxing beach escape or an adventurous exploration, I can make your honeymoon as magical as your wedding day.

Entrust your wedding dreams to a professional who not only understands the sanctity of your union but also appreciates the intricacies of crafting an extraordinary celebration. With me by your side, your wedding becomes more than an event—it becomes a captivating tale of love, personalised to perfection.

Contact me today and let the journey to your dream wedding begin.

Wedding and travel arrangements

Mandi’s experience as both a celebrant and travel agents gives her a unique insight into all aspects of a ceremony:

  1. Streamlined Planning: Combining wedding planning and travel arrangements simplifies the process, as one person can coordinate both aspects seamlessly.
  2. Stress Reduction: A wedding planner/travel agent can handle logistics.
  3. Backup Plans: A seasoned planner can anticipate and mitigate issues, ensuring a smooth wedding day even in unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Post-Wedding Travel: A travel agent can assist with honeymoon planning, creating a convenient transition from wedding to honeymoon.
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A happy couple I was able to assist through Viva Destination weddings

“Mandi was so helpful! The trip was flawless and quick minute changes were handled by Mandi! Thank you.”

Photos: @viva.destination.weddings

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