Marriage Celebrant Brisbane

Same Sex Weddings

Love is love


Marriage Celebrant Brisbane

Same Sex Weddings

Love is love


Hello,I’m Mandi, your dedicated marriage celebrant in Brisbane, and I’m here to craft unforgettable same-sex wedding ceremonies, or as I prefer to call them, celebrations of love! With a warm and approachable vibe, I’m committed to ensuring that your ceremony is a truly unique reflection of your beautiful love story.

Organised and supportive

Understanding that every love story is one-of-a-kind, I bring a wealth of experience to ensure a seamless planning process leading up to your special day. My approach is deeply personal; I take the time to listen, asking insightful questions to craft a ceremony that resonates perfectly with your personalities and desires. Beyond just words, I handle all the necessary paperwork, drawing upon my expertise with online marriage registration programs.

Imaginative ceremonies

My service goes above and beyond the ordinary, infusing creativity and imagination into each ceremony. I encourage you to envision a wedding that truly reflects your love, offering a diverse range of ceremony options and processionals that break away from traditional norms. From unique arrival options to creative wedding party titles, I ensure that your ceremony is a celebration of love in all its diverse and authentic forms.

Love is love with Mandi Forrester-Jones

My service offering is a testament to my genuine passion for celebrating love. I pour my heart into ceremonies that are not only legally binding but also emotionally resonant and uniquely tailored to each couple. For same-sex couples seeking a celebrant who not only supports marriage equality but embraces it wholeheartedly, I am your dedicated ally in Brisbane. Love is love, and I am here to make your celebration as extraordinary as your journey together.

Organising a same-sex wedding in Australia

Planning a same-sex wedding in Australia can be a straightforward and joyous process, reflecting the progressive and inclusive atmosphere that characterises Australia’s approach to marriage equality.

Same-sex wedding celebrant selection

Choosing the right celebrant is crucial in ensuring the simplicity of planning a wedding. Couples embarking on this journey need a celebrant who not only possesses experience in officiating same-sex ceremonies but also brings a genuine passion for creating inclusive and memorable events.

Understanding and flexibility

An essential aspect of easy planning is the celebrant’s understanding and flexibility. I take the time to comprehend your unique love story, ensuring that the ceremony is a true reflection of your journey. Whether you opt for a grand celebration or an intimate affair, I’ll adapt to your preferences.

Streamlined processes

From handling necessary paperwork to navigating legal requirements, I will ensure that all the administrative aspects are managed efficiently, leaving you free to focus on your celebration of love.

Let’s create your perfect celebration of love!

If you’re ready to embark on this journey of love and create a wedding ceremony that truly reflects your unique story, I’m here to help! Get in touch with me, Mandi Forrester-Jones, your dedicated marriage celebrant in Brisbane. Together, let’s craft an unforgettable celebration that celebrates your love in all its beauty and authenticity. Contact me today to start planning your special day!

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