The rise of the micro wedding

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October 13, 2021

Getting engaged during these unprecedented times can make you feel uncertain about putting plans in place. Wedding planning is normally stressful anyway, but Covid adds another dimension that may have you sobbing into your cereal! It’s OK – you’ve got this!

One thing I have learnt from the chaos that disrupted the wedding industry in 2020, is that the wedding landscape has changed. Being forced to cut numbers down has made people totally re-evaluate who is most important to them. Faced with maximums of 20-30 guests mean some have had to make hard decisions about who they want with them on the day.

There has also been a rise in micro weddings by choice, growing in popularity prior to Covid19. There is much to appreciate about smaller weddings and here’s the difference it can make?

Cost – Smaller weddings equal significant savings, allowing you to spoil the guests you have and stay within your budget.

Planning – The smaller the guest list, the easier it will be to plan the day of your dreams.

Quality time – With a smaller wedding, you have more time to really interact with everyone, instead of trying to get around at a hectic pace and inevitably missing people out.

Relaxed – A smaller wedding brings with it a far more relaxed vibe and can offer more freedom from formalities if you desire. For naturally introverted types who would feel anxious standing in front of a room full of people, a micro-wedding is for you.

Some feel a micro wedding allows them to enjoy the day more, embodying the true meaning of the day – marrying their soulmate. It also means you can be surrounded by the people you love without the big costs and planning.

As a Marriage Celebrant, my goal for the year is to work with more couples with these gorgeous ceremonies. I am looking forward to embracing the micro weddings and elopements in 2021! So to begin with, I am curious, what are the biggest issues you have come across with your planning or decisions? How are you already picturing your wedding day? Do you have an idea when and where, or did you need help with inspiration? If you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure, let’s have a chat.

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