Let’s Talk About Second Marriages

second marriage celebrant

February 23, 2024

So, let’s talk about second marriages. First off, they’re totally nothing to hide or be embarrassed about. Life throws us curveballs, right? Maybe you lost a spouse, maybe things just didn’t work out the first time around, or maybe you’ve found a new kind of love. Whatever the case, if you’ve found happiness again and you’re ready to take that leap, why not celebrate it?

Now, if you’re thinking about throwing a bash for your second trip down the aisle, we’ve got your back. We know there are loads of questions swirling around, like, do you still wear white? Can you have another huge party? Well, we’re here to clear the air and give you the lowdown on planning your second big day.

Here’s the deal: Your second wedding can be whatever you want it to be. Seriously. Whether you want to keep it small and cozy or throw the biggest party of the year, it’s all fair game. Want to rock traditional wedding attire? Go for it. Feeling more casual? That’s cool too. The sky’s the limit.

Now, as you start planning, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Size Matters: Some folks say to keep the guest list short and sweet for round two, but honestly, it’s up to you. If you want to invite everyone you’ve ever known, do it! It’s your day, after all.

Mix Things Up: Your second wedding is a chance to do things a little differently. Maybe skip the traditional roles and get creative with how you involve your family and kids. It’s all about making it special for you.

Chill Out: Don’t feel like you have to stick to all the formalities this time around. Want a more relaxed vibe? Go for it. Want to write your own vows? Heck yes. This is your chance to do things your way.

Dress to Impress (Yourself): Whether you want to rock a classic white dress or something totally out there, go with what makes you feel amazing. It’s all about being true to you.

And hey, when it comes to wedding etiquette for second marriages, it’s pretty simple:

Yes, you can totally have a registry. Even if you don’t want gifts, some folks will insist, so you might as well point them in the right direction.

As for traditions, it’s up to you. Keep what feels meaningful and toss what doesn’t.

So there you have it. Your second wedding is a chance to celebrate love, life, and all the good stuff. So go ahead, plan that party, wear that dress, and let’s make some memories. Cheers to round two!

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