How Mandi Became The #1 Destination Wedding Expert

mandi joins travel by stephanies podcast

June 15, 2022

In a recent podcast episode with Travel by Stephanie, I had the pleasure of sharing my journey and passion for the travel industry. At Viva Travel, I’ve not only built a business highly regarded in the travel industry, especially in the South Pacific, but I’ve also found my heart in the world of weddings. Being surrounded by brides and immersed in the beauty of wedding bliss is where I truly thrive.

From an early realisation that my passion lay in travel, I ventured into event planning and became a registered marriage celebrant. This unique combination led me to establish one of the most respected destination wedding travel services globally.

During our conversation, we delved into the intricacies of being an expert in the destination wedding niche. We explored the essential contacts required, how to establish them, and the steps to take if one feels called to specialise in this unique travel niche. From the initial spark of inspiration to becoming a recognised expert, we covered everything in between.

I am honored to be recognised for my knowledge and expertise on the Find My Travel Guru platform, which celebrates travel agents with niche specialties. This acknowledgment underlines my commitment to providing exceptional services within the travel industry, particularly in the realm of destination weddings.

In this episode, we featured some incredible locations and suppliers, including the enchanting Mala Mala Beach Club, the luxurious Royal Davui Island Resort, the breathtaking Likuliku Lagoon Resort, and the renowned Bula Bride.

If you’re curious about the world of destination weddings, seeking advice on becoming an expert in this niche, or simply want to indulge in the magic of these stunning locations, be sure to listen to the full podcast. I’m excited to share insights, experiences, and tips that could inspire your journey into the captivating world of destination wedding planning. For more details, check out the full blog on Travel by Stephanie and let the adventure begin!

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